Figuring Out If Racism Can Be Stopped in the Third Grade

“…but at base the school hopes to initiate what it calls “authentic” conversations about race, which researchers suggest may actually have been inhibited by liberal values for decades. Under the spell of color-blindness, previous generations have tended to avoid race as a subject, hushing their children when they refer to playground playmates as “brown,” believing… Continue reading

Art imitiating life

I am at a lost for words to describe how it feels to hear the decision of juries for the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases. Hurt, anger, fear, shame, sadness, indifference and grief all at the same time. This is some traumatic kind of living. “For his part, director Spike Lee took the video… Continue reading

Misconceptions About Wealth Inequality in America

Think you know how wealth is distributed in America? Think again. A YouTube video that went viral a few weeks ago reminds us that our  perceptions of who has money and how much they have is quite skewed.

Four More Years: The Day After Election Day

“I walked here to vote, but I don’t even know who to vote for. Like, I don’t even know all the candidates’ names “ -Overheard at the polling station As the votes are tallied to confirm President Barack Obama’s re-election victory, I wonder what the next four years will look like for the United States.… Continue reading