DIY modified toy cars to help children get around

A DIY solution to help make them the coolest kids on the playground. #LOVE h/t Upworthy

Only 741 people enrolled in N.J.’s health insurance exchange?

New Jersey’s federally run health insurance exchange only enrolled 741 people in the month of October according to an editorial in the Star-Ledger. It’s disconcerting to see that New Jersey had the opportunity to create their own specific health exchange with $100 to $200 million from the federal government. The funding would have covered the creation… Continue reading

Medicaid Accountable Care Organizations in NJ for the Win

 Source: Frances Micklow/The Star-Ledger When I read Dan Goldberg’s article, New Jersey hospitals reach out to patients to reduce ER visits, I did a happy dance. In the midst of all the bad press that the Affordable Care Act implementation has been getting, this piece offers a glimmer of hope. It’s such a well-written article showing how doctors… Continue reading

Stories about African American philanthropists are important

In this TEDxCharlotte Talk, writer, Valaida Fullwood and photographer, Charles Thomas explain how the creation of their book, Giving Back, helped to re-frame portraits of philanthropists. Since publication in 2011, the book was named 10 Best Black Books of 2011 and received the prestigious 2012 McAdam Book Award, which recognizes “the most inspirational and useful… Continue reading

Don’t Complain, Make Things Better

Sometimes grant administration can seem a bit dull. Tina Roth Eisenberg’s 2013 SXSW talk about how to incorporate design and values-based living into your personal and professional life, is not. She is the creator of, Tattly, and Teux Deux App. The popular design blog has a growing audience of 1.3 million monthly unique readers… Continue reading

Can We Unlock Data in the Social Sector?

  Last week I way too much time trying to find 2010 census tract level data for population, income, and age for 15 municipalities in NJ. It was a complete disaster. The data I needed was contained within a data set that was not coded for use in Microsoft Excel (the only statistical analysis software… Continue reading

Guest Post: It’s a Noisy Planet

Everyday we are bombarded with sounds and noises, but how often do we think what this exposure could cause permanent hearing loss? Because of this, the National Institute of National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD), part of the National Institutes of Health has launched a campaign to raise awareness about the issue.… Continue reading

3 Ways to Write A Stronger Grant Proposal, Part 2

Ask any grants administrator and he or she will probably tell you that reviewing grant applications is part art and part science. If you have you ever submitted a grant proposal, I commend you. Hopefully, the tips I provided in Part 1 were helpful. It is not an easy task to take your enthusiasm, passion… Continue reading

5 Applications to Help Grants Managers Save Time

A few days ago, a friend asked, “what do you do at work” and I struggled to find a good answer. Perhaps, you have that challenge as well. On any given day I can be found doing a variety of tasks with my daily priorities are always changing. I remember when I first started working, I wished… Continue reading

Philanthropy Jargon Generator

Looking for a way to put a bit of levity in your work day? Or perhaps your latest grant proposal or grant review packet needs colorful prose? Then you should try using the Philanthropy Jargon Generator. There you’ll find useful phrases such as: identify organizational frameworks brainstorm multimedia e-advocacy define coordinated consultancies extend digital community-building But my favorite… Continue reading