Three people standing in the brook. Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

One afternoon after an uneventful dentist appointment instead of rushing to my car, I made a detour to the brookside park across the street. Being that school had let out, there were families with young children running around and playing on the jungle gym. Typical springtime activities. Like the kids, I was delighted to be outside and soaking up the sunshine.

A gentle breeze. Ducks swimming, geese honking and birds tweeting. Perfection.

While I was watching the ducks attempt to swim against the current, I noticed some movement out the corner of my eye. A couple of children were perched at the water’s edge carefully removing their shoes and socks and then rolling up their pants. Unlike the adults supervising them satisfied with watching the water go by, these kids needed to experience the brook feet first. What a great idea? As the water connected with their tiny feet, they shrieked in delight.

And, that’s when I decided to follow their lead. Quickly removing my shoes and rolling up my pants, I scooted down into the brook. It felt good to be outside, again.

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