5 Applications to Help Grants Managers Save Time

A few days ago, a friend asked, “what do you do at work” and I struggled to find a good answer. Perhaps, you have that challenge as well. On any given day I can be found doing a variety of tasks with my daily priorities are always changing. I remember when I first started working, I wished… Continue reading

Philanthropy Jargon Generator

Looking for a way to put a bit of levity in your work day? Or perhaps your latest grant proposal or grant review packet needs colorful prose? Then you should try using the Philanthropy Jargon Generator. There you’ll find useful phrases such as: identify organizational frameworks brainstorm multimedia e-advocacy define coordinated consultancies extend digital community-building But my favorite… Continue reading

Is Philanthropy Transparent Enough?

When Occupy Wall Street made headlines last fall, I thought it would be just another a publicity stunt. Instead, the “leaderless resistance movement” that claims that “the 99% that will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%” has spread across the world. In fact, it has raised the profile of financial industry practices and… Continue reading