Sometimes, It’s Okay to Quit [Video]

A manifesto for quitting by Liz Danzico. via swissmiss | The Fringe Benefits of Quitting.

Art imitiating life

I am at a lost for words to describe how it feels to hear the decision of juries for the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases. Hurt, anger, fear, shame, sadness, indifference and grief all at the same time. This is some traumatic kind of living. “For his part, director Spike Lee took the video… Continue reading

DWYL: Telling People to Work for Love is Misleading

“DWYL is, in fact, the most perfect ideological tool of capitalism. It shunts aside the labor of others and disguises our own labor to ourselves. It hides the fact that if we acknowledged all of our work as work, we could set appropriate limits for it, demanding fair compensation and humane schedules that allow for… Continue reading

A Few Words about the Harry Belafonte and Jay Z ‘Beef’

  In an interview with Alexandra Zawia of the Hollywood Reporter in August 2012, Harry Belafonte, said,  “And I think one of the great abuses of this modern time is that we should have had such high-profile artists, powerful celebrities. But they have turned their back on social responsibility. That goes for Jay-Z and Beyonce,… Continue reading

Misconceptions About Wealth Inequality in America

Think you know how wealth is distributed in America? Think again. A YouTube video that went viral a few weeks ago reminds us that our  perceptions of who has money and how much they have is quite skewed.

The Best Pep Talk. Ever.

Kid President‘s message inspired me this afternoon and I wanted to share the joy!  

Happy New Year (a few days late)

I forgot to post the obligatory Happy New Years blog post, so I’m posting today. And, since most people use this time of year to make resolutions and huge proclamations for their blogs, I want to let you know what I have planned out for 2013. First, I am going to publish posts much more… Continue reading