Armed with a degree in Economics after undergraduate graduation, I thought I had it all figured out. I had planned to become employed at a financial services firm and learn about the predatory mortgage lending practices that were destabilizing neighborhoods across the United States. Unfortunately, I did not get any offers. Instead I received a lot of rejections. A lot. The world was recovering from a terrible economic recession while my classmates and I were jobless and quite scared we would never find employment.

At the same time, I was hopeful that I could somehow “be the change I wished to see in the world.”

With this simple idea in mind, I started to look for jobs in other industries and quickly learned that I wanted to do something with meaning. I wanted to “help people.” In the most cliché terms, I wanted to learn how to save the world. After six months of job searching, various part-time jobs, and a stint at a small business publishing company, I found a position at a foundation. And, that’s how I made it into philanthropy and found my way to blogging.

Ever since I’ve had a full-time job, I’ve used this blog to document my observations, process current events and share photos. I probably could post more often, but I like to have conversations irl.

Well, what do you think?