Where did all the cool black girls go?

Black girls have our own version of the cool girl. The cool black girl is urban but not hood. She’s down enough to use slang her white friends will want to poach, but won’t embarrass them by sounding too black. She’s willing to date white men, but is unbothered when they don’t want to date… Continue reading

Making Basic Bling

I’m taking a three day workshop learning how to make Basic Bling at the Peters Valley School of Craft. Today’s lesson was a crash course in sawing, annealing and texturing. It’s challenging beyond belief. My plan is to create a cuff bracelet, earrings, a necklace and a ring. 

Springtime and Being Outside

One afternoon after an uneventful dentist appointment instead of rushing to my car, I made a detour to the brookside park across the street. Being that school had let out, there were families with young children running around and playing on the jungle gym. Typical springtime activities. Like the kids, I was delighted to be… Continue reading

When You’re Tired of Being Tired: Reflections on #BlackLivesMatter

  I’m trying to make sense of the recent shootings in Orlando, Baton Rouge, Dallas and St.Paul. At first I was in disbelief.  Then I started to wonder if could afford to  buy some land in an undisclosed place and go live off the grid away from all the madness. And, then I began to wonder if… Continue reading

What is it like to know your feelings aren’t real?

Nonprofit with Balls is my favorite workplace humor blog because, Vu, is able to capture the tone, spirit and love/hate relationship of working in the nonprofit sector. So when I saw his latest post about poetry, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Heck, I’m still trying to figure out how I missed the call for submissions. … Continue reading

The problem with trickle – down community engagement

Trickle-Down Community Engagement is a serious problem, and communities are getting exasperated. If we are to solve problems, we must stop thinking of communities as helpless children, and start trusting that people are the experts of their own lives and invest accordingly. “We need to stop finding solutions and instead fund them,” says one of… Continue reading

Updates, transitions and big changes

Oh my! It’s a been about four months since I last posted up here. I wish I could attribute the absence to a deliberate hiatus. But, I can’t. Rather, my focus has been elsewhere. Between working on my personal photography challenge, starting a monthly Brews & Brushes event series and transitioning into a new job,… Continue reading

Sometimes, It’s Okay to Quit [Video]

A manifesto for quitting by Liz Danzico. via swissmiss | The Fringe Benefits of Quitting.

Figuring Out If Racism Can Be Stopped in the Third Grade

“…but at base the school hopes to initiate what it calls “authentic” conversations about race, which researchers suggest may actually have been inhibited by liberal values for decades. Under the spell of color-blindness, previous generations have tended to avoid race as a subject, hushing their children when they refer to playground playmates as “brown,” believing… Continue reading

Housing First: Homeless No More [VIDEO]

Hasan Minhaj’s segment for The Daily Show about Salt Lake City’s mind-blowing initiative to eradicate chronic homelessness is spot on! Check out City’s unique solution to helping homeless individuals and families stay off the street.